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When setting up your tournament the 4th page you will land on is the Brackets Page. This page is where you go to create brackets, and manage existing brackets.

By default Organizers have the ability to choose from Elimination brackets, Round Robin brackets, and Swiss brackets. You can choose between Single Elimination or Double elimination when setting up your bracket.

You can return to this page at any time to manage an existing bracket. To do this simply click on the name of the bracket you wish to manage. Tournaments may have more than one bracket at a time.

Organizers may also request access to the Free For All and Ladder brackets by emailing

When the Free For All bracket is enabled for your Organization, you may only be able to select that bracket type when creating a tournament for a game that Free For All supports. If you wish to select a different bracket type that is no longer available just reach out to again and request that the Free For All bracket be disabled.

For more information about each of the bracket types check out some relevant articles:

For more information about setting up and managing your tournament click here.

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