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In this section you’ll be guided through the tournament experience, where we’ll show you everything you need to know to play your tournament matches on Battlefy.

If you are using your mobile device to access Battlefy. You will find the sections shown on the following pages under the “Play” button at the bottom of the tournament page.

A) Navigate to the Tournament Page

The Tournament Page is where you should be for the duration of the tournament

  1. Select your profile located at the bottom left of your screen on Battlefy.

  2. Select the Joined Tournaments tab

  3. Select ‘Go to Tournament’

B) Prepare for the Tournament

  • You must arrive on the tournament page and verify your registration fields are correct.

  • All critical tournament information will be displayed on the tournament page, so make sure to stay on it for the duration of the tournament

  • Once the tournament starts, you need to press the “Search For Match” button to be paired with an opponent.

C) Search and accept your opponent

Your match page is where you should be for the duration of your match. You’ll communicate with your opponent to set up your match, and you’ll report your score there.

D) See if you are creating or joining the Custom Match

Once you’re on the match page, read the tournament instructions to understand how to join or create a custom lobby for your match.

E) Talk with your opponent in Match Chat and Play your game

Go have fun and don't forget to come back to this page to report your score! Afterwards, repeat this process to find your next game!

If you have a problem with your match

  • Reach out to a Tournament Admin! Different organizations will have different methods of assisting players, so refer to the tournament rules and contact page for instructions.

    Several organizers will assist players directly through your Match Page, as seen below :

  • If you have a problem with your match, select Report Match Issue on the Match Page to notify admins.

  • Communicate with admins via the match chat on the Match Page

  • Admins will arrive shortly to resolve your issue, please wait in the match chat for them to arrive

Ladder Ranking

When participating in ladder tournaments, participants are ranked based on their result (Win/Loss/Tie).

  • Those ranks will mainly be determined either by Win Percentage, Win-Loss Differential or Total Wins, as chosen by the Organizer.

  • Ladders are commonly used as a Qualifier to another phase of a given competition, so you may see information regarding how many players are qualified.

  • In order fight for a qualifying spot, players need to play a minimum amount of matches, decided by the organizer. (If you don't have enough matches, you will always be ranked lower than those who have)

  • The automatic tiebreaker is based on the Total Matches Played. Organizers may use different or additional tiebreakers if necessary.

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