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Organizer - Manage Seed Brackets Page

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After your tournament has been created and you have created a bracket you will need to seed the bracket before participants can begin competing. In the manage section of your tournament page you can seed from the bracket itself, or you can use the Seed Brackets page which acts as a shortcut for seeding.

When you enter the Seed Brackets page you will quickly see all brackets you have created and be given the option to seed them. Here you can seed Elimination Brackets, Round Robin Brackets, and Swiss Brackets. Ladder brackets will not appear in this section as you cannot seed them.

For more information about seeding brackets check out these useful articles:

Lastly, Free For All brackets behave a bit differently. The Seed Brackets page will be replaced with a new page, called "FFA Game Management".

Entering the FFA Game Management will bring up a new interface that is specific to FFA Brackets.

For more information about setting up and managing your tournament click here.

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