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How to use our FFA brackets
How to use our FFA brackets
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A few years ago, we have released our FFA brackets for the first time, and now after a lot of updates, improvements, and changes. It's time for a new guide!

Pretty easy and Straightforward, first you will need it to be enabled on your organization, To do that you will need to click on the intercom button in the corner of your screen while logged in to Battlefy. Then, give us your request and the URL of your organization.
Warning: You need to request the featured to be enabled for your organization before creating the tournament.

the FAQ section can be found at the end of the article.

Step #1
Create your brackets, head to your tournament page > Manage > brackets > Create a Battle Royale Bracket

Step #2
On the 2nd step, you will need to provide some information about your FFA brackets:
1- Bracket Name (This is useful if you have multiple brackets on the same tournament).
2-Start Date of the bracket (You won't be able to seed your brackets before that date and time.).
3- The number of FFA games you are planning to play for this brackets
4- The maximum number of teams you are planning to seed into the brackets
5- The starting hour of the tournament (You won't be able to seed your brackets before that date and time.).

Step #3

After creating your brackets now is time to seed them:
From Bracket, Select the brackets you created and click on Managment

Step #4
The first step for each game is the seeding,
1: From here you can change/up the number of players which we originally sat during the bracket create (This option can be useful if you want to drop players between games)

The Seed number helps the players to know which slot in the lobby they need to be at exactly.

Step #5

Now let's announce our lobby info and send them to the players
After creating your lobby in-game. you need to put the lobby information on Battlefy to share them with the players (For example the lobby name and password)

*Note: If the game you are playing only supports server code, and doesn't have a password, you will find those fields updated according to the games.

Step #6

After clicking on Tell players lobby is open from the image above, you will now need to allow the players some time to join your FFA lobby.

Player View:

Step #7
After pressing continue, you will get some notes from us which usually every organizer needs to take care of, after that you can proceed with score reporting after you finish the game.

Step #8

Congratulations, now you have finished your first game, if you have more games planned for this bracket, you can proceed to the next game now and repeat the steps starting from step #4.

Players can now see their standings:

Pro Tips:

You can always edit the score of each game, by selecting the game from the games menu and clicking on the edit score button

Also, you can restart the lobby:
Reseed Players: Will pull you back to the first step for this very specific game so you can reseed/edit the players.

Restart the Lobby: Will pull you back to the 2nd step so you can re-create the lobby again.


What is FFA?
FFA stands for Free For All, and it's the condition where you have many players playing in the same game/lobby, against each other in the shape of individuals or teams.

What games are supported and have access to our FFA brackets?
Fortnite, PUBG, PUBG Mobile, PUBG Lite, Garena Free Fire, Ring of Elysium, Rules of Survival, Forza Motor Sport 7, Teamfight Tactics, Cyber Hunter, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Leaderboard, COD: Warzone, Apex Legends, COD Mobile, Hearthstone Battlegrounds, Fall guys, Halo 5: Guardians, Halo: The Master Chief Collection, Gartic, Battlegrounds India.

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