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What is a Match Page?

Details about the Match Page

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Once a tournament begins, and the brackets have been seeded and started, you will be prompted to go to your match. Press the Go to Match button on it and you will be taken directly to your match page. This button will also appear on the tournament page if you are already there.

If the organizer has match check-in turned on:

Once you are on your match page you will see an "I'm Ready" button and a timer. Pressing this will set you as ready in the match and alert your opponent that you are ready. If your opponent does not ready up before the timer runs out then the system will automatically give them a loss and move you forward.

After selecting either go to match or with check in enabled after both teams have checked in you will now be on the match page.

Depending on the game, you may be given on page instructions of the steps to take. You may also need to select bans or review other steps at this point. You should follow the onscreen instructions.

Here is an example of what the instructions page will show for Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

Not all games will have these detailed instructions. You should review the rules page on the tournament or contact the organizer of the event if you have any questions on how to proceed.

The rest of your patch page will look something like the image below. Note that this screen may vary in appearance depending on the game.

Below is a breakdown of this view:

  1. This section identifies the name of the bracket. This can be especially useful in tournaments with more than one bracket.

  2. Here you can view what round of the match you are playing in, and what your match number is.

  3. This section will display the current scores as they have been reported, and also the format which in this example is 2 games with aggregate scoring.

  4. This area shows the team names, seed numbers, and in tournaments that are team based an option to view the team's roster. The team on the left is the higher seed.

  5. This button is used to report a match issue, this process is described in more detail in this article.

  6. This button is used to report scores for the match.

  7. The chat box by default will be on Match Chat. Match chat is described in more detail in this article.

  8. Private Chat becomes available when reporting a match issue, this is described in the article linked in section 5

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