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Tournament Match Chat and Private Chat
Tournament Match Chat and Private Chat

This article takes a closer look at Match Chat and Private Chat

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Tournament Match Chat and Private Chat help you communicate during the tournament. This article will dive into how they work, and when they become available.

After a tournament has begun, and the bracket has been seeded AND started players will be prompted to go to their match and the first Match Chat will become available. There is a button on the tournament page as shown below:

If they are not already on the tournament page then players may navigate to their tournament page by selecting "Joined Tournaments" from the home page.

Once you have navigated to your match page your page will typically look like this:

Now you can begin to use Match Chat. Match chat will allow you to communicate with your opponent to set up a match. The /coinflip feature becomes available in Match Chat, which can be used in some rule sets to determine sides, who starts in a pick/ban, and other cases that require a fair 50/50 chance. Note that you can only do this one time per match, after which each repeated use of /coinflip will simply show the results.

Match Chat also allows for screenshots to be uploaded. This is helpful for confirming scores and match settings, and admins may request screenshots in case of a dispute. To upload a screenshot to Match Chat simply click on the image icon in the chat box as shown below:

Finally, Private Chat is used to communicate directly with an admin. This is not available by default, and only becomes available if players raise an issue in the match thus calling an admin for support. Check out this article on how to raise a match issue.

Once in private chat players will only be communicating directly with an admin, opponents will not be able to view any messages posted in Private Chat. Most Match Chat features are identical in Private Chat, however /coinflip is not available in Private Chat.

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