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Reporting a Match Issue
Reporting a Match Issue

This guide describes how to report a match issue.

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If you need to call an admin to your match for any reason you can do so right from your match page.

Your match page will typically look like the following example:

Note that your Private Chat: Admin will not be available by default.

In order to call an admin for help you will need to press the Report Match Issue button. After pressing the button you will be prompted to confirm that you need help.

After you have confirmed your need for help Private Chat will become available, and the organizer will receive a notification signaling your match as having a problem.

In both Private Chat and Match Chat you may also upload images, which may be requested by an admin for proof. This can be done by selecting the image icon inside of the chat box.

Finally, if you have reported an issue by mistake or are no longer having an issue you may close the dispute before an admin arrives. After an admin arrives you will no longer be able to close the dispute yourself. To close the dispute click on the red "Remove Dispute" button on the match page. Like before you will be prompted to confirm the removal of the dispute.

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