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Organizer View - Mobile Legends Integration
Organizer View - Mobile Legends Integration

This article informs organizers about important aspects and features of the new Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) integration.

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In this article we will cover some of the key points that you as an Organizer need to know about the new Mobile Legends: Bang Bang integration feature.

First and foremost, the Match Page will look a little bit different than what you may be used to. You will find a new section at the top that guides players through creating and joining a custom lobby.

With this new feature comes some important notes:

  1. This feature uses the coinflip action on the match page. But you can still use Battlefy coinflip for another purpose.

  2. The selected host will have 5 minutes to create a lobby, after which a tournament admin will be notified.

  3. Hosts will alternate in a best of X series, so please keep that in mind when considering your rules!

  4. By default, the alternating hosts are the captains of the opposing teams.

  5. The admin can manually change the host! If there is a dispute, you wish to have special hosting rules, or if the selected host is unable to create the lobby for any reason, you may wish to make this change. (Please note, that the host can be changed only after one of the players flip the coin and the initial host is selected).

When a match is in progress, admin will be able to track the following players' actions and game status:

  1. Who flipped the coin and who won the coinflip.

  2. Who submitted the lobby ID and what lobby ID was submitted.

For convenience, we will automatically add rules for you when creating your tournament covering this feature. These lines can be edited or deleted if you wish to veer away from the automated system, so you are still in full control of your tournament!

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