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Organizer View - Mobile Legends Integration

This article informs organizers about important aspects and features of the new Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) integration.

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In this article, we will cover some of the key points that you as an Organizer need to know about the new Mobile Legends: Bang Bang integration feature.

!!! Please note that lobby creation and sharing happen with the help of the MLBB Tournament Tool on the top section of the match page. The match page will look different from what you and the players may be used to.

Creating and managing MLBB tournament: hosting rules

The creation of MLBB tournaments is standard (learn more in this article), but there are some updates in the brackets creation. We added flexibility for lobby hosting options that can serve the needs of any tournament organizer.

Hosting rules

Hosting rules for each round can be set up in the bracket creation process and edited on the bracket settings after creation. The following options are available:

  1. Host decided by coin flip

  2. Left team or right team host

  3. Higher or lower seed host

  4. Admin hosts (note that the host will remain the same when an admin is hosting)

Alternation hosting rules may be applied when there is more than one game per match:

  1. Host remains the same after each match

  2. Host alternates between captains after each match

  3. Winning team hosts the next match

  4. Losing team hosts the next match

Hosting rules

Administrating the tournament: admin view

Tracking match progress

When a match is in progress, the admin will be able to track players' actions and game status. The following logs will be kept in the widget and the match chat:

  1. Who flipped the coin, and who won the coin flip.

  2. Who submitted the lobby ID, and what lobby ID was submitted.

Hosting the match

If the 'admin hosts' option for hosting the game is selected, the admin will see this guide to create and share the lobby ID with players. There is no need to add players as friends anymore; just follow these simple steps to share a lobby ID with players to join.

Switching the host

The admin can manually change the host of the match! If there is a dispute, you wish to have special hosting rules, or if the selected host is unable to create the lobby for any reason, you may wish to make this change. (Please note that the host can be changed only after one of the players flipped the coin and/or the initial host is selected).

Administrating the tournament: player view

The Match Page will look slightly different than players may be used to. A new section at the top guides players through creating and joining a custom lobby.

If the 'Host decided by coin flip' option for hosting the game is selected, users will see a coin flip in the top section. You can still use Battlefy coinflip in the chat for another purpose.

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