How do I manage Participants?

Learn how to manage participants as an organizer.

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As an organizer it can be useful to manage participants directly. While registration flow is made easy on Battlefy, sometimes players get stuck or need some assistance.

Getting Started

You can view your participants from the tournament page by clicking on “Participants”. This view will show you both fully registered participants, and pending teams. For more detailed information on pending teams check out this article. Note that you will not be able to manage the participants from this page.

To manage participants, on your tournament page click on “Manage”.

After clicking on Manage you will then select “Participants” under the Manage section.

How does managing participants work?

Let’s break down what each part of this page is used for and how you can put it to use for your tournaments. Please note that format and some features may change what is visible on this page.

  1. The first main feature of this page is a search bar. This will allow you to quickly find an individual player or team. Above this bar is also a number that represents the total number of fully registered players or teams. Pending teams or players will not be counted or appear on this page.

  2. This column lists players or teams in the order that they have registered. You can click on the column header to sort by their registration number.

  3. This column will list out your registered players or teams. You can click on this column header to sort players alphabetically.

  4. This button will allow you to edit player’s or team's names.

  5. This column is important when tournament check in is enabled. Like the other headers you can use this column to sort participants, in this case by whether or not they are checked in. Check out this article for more information about tournament check in.

  6. These bars will display whether or not a participant is checked in to the tournament. When they are checked in the toggle will switch to the right with a blue fill indicator, while the bar being toggled to the left and empty signifies that the participant has not checked in. As the organizer you can manually check in or check out a player or team by clicking on this toggle.

  7. The Export Info button will let you download a CSV of all of the information from this page. This will also include any registration field information if you have included them in your tournament. For more information about custom registration fields check out this article.

  8. The Import Info button will allow you to add points to players. For more information about this feature you can click on the How to Import Player Points link at the top right of this page.

  9. The Add new player button (replaced with Add new teams in team formats) will allow you to add a team or player to the tournament. Please be aware that if you manually add a player this will NOT be tied to their account, and they will not receive notifications or be able to interact with the tournament page as if they were registered. Only teams or players that have registered themselves will receive notifications and be able to check in and use the match page on the day of the tournament.

Removing a participant from the tournament

To remove a participant from the tournament you will need to hover over the player or team row. While hovered over the correct row a “trash” icon will appear on the right side of the row. Clicking on this icon will give you the option to remove the player or team from the tournament.

Adding and removing individual players from teams

When running a team based tournament a column will appear indicating the number of players on the team. This functionality and the numbers that appear may vary depending on your team size and format, and if you have a maximum team size set. When you have free agent draft enabled for your tournament you will also find buttons to access those features on this view of the page. Information about our Free Agent Draft feature can be found in another article.

Clicking on the edit button in this column will open up a new screen that allows to to rename players, add players, and delete players at a team level. Remember to click "Save" when you have made the changes you wish to make.

Sorting by Custom Fields

Lastly, when using custom registration fields that information will also be displayed on this page. You will be able to click the header to sort that column alphabetically, and in cases where you have more than one custom field you will also have a small carrot next to the header that allows you to select a different field to view and sort by.

Note that the "See All" option is simply a shortcut to the Export Info button described above.

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