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What are Pending Teams

What are Pending Teams and how to manage them as a player or organizer

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Pending Teams

During the registration for Team-Based events, organizers and players might find themselves looking at incomplete teams named "Pending Teams"

Pending Teams do not count towards the total amount of registered teams in a tournament and are not considered participants of a tournament until their registration is complete.

When a team joins the tournament, it will automatically start as a pending team and remain as a Pending Team until it has enough players in their roster to compete and all players have completed their necessary join steps (based on the game).

The reasons a team may be still pending are usually one or more of the following:

  • There are missing fields in their registration

  • The team does not have the correct amount of players in their tournament roster to compete

  • One or more players in the tournament roster are already registered in another roster for the same tournament

  • One or more players in the tournament roster have yet to do their necessary join steps, such as linking their Riot Account for Valorant tournaments, for example.

  • The Team Captain unchecked the "Auto-Join" box and has yet to manually finish the registration process by clicking the Join Button

What can I do as an Organizer?

Organizers cannot directly manage Pending Teams.

All of the bullet points shown in the previous section are in the control of the team captains and organizers cannot take action on Pending Teams themselves since they're not yet participants in a tournament.

If you are running a team-based event, you can also email just the Pending Teams to give them updated joining information or a reminder that they need to get more players or finish registration.

What can I do as a Player/Team Captain?

If your team is pending, that means it fails one of the previously mentioned reasons.

  • Check if all registration fields for the event are filled.

  • Check if you have enough participants to reach the minimum requirement of the event.

  • Check if your Team Captain has unchecked the "Auto-Join" box, or still has to manually press the Join Button

  • Check if one of your players in the roster is already part of another confirmed roster in the tournament.

    • If you're struggling to check this, we recommend removing your team's registration from the event and having your players individually check if they're already registered with another team.

    • Once the team is identified, your player can communicate with the other team's captain and the tournament organizers so the issue can be resolved.

  • Check if your players have completed their registration requirements, such as linking a Riot Games account for Valorant Tournaments, for example. This will sometimes require the captain to return to the tournament page to start this process.

For more details on how to join Team Based events, please see the following article:

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