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Navigating the tournament page
Navigating the tournament page

Tournament about, rules, schedule, and prizes tabs.

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The tournament page has several key locations to find information about the tournament you wish to participate in. These locations can be tabbed through from the tournament page Overview.

To navigate there start by going to the tournament page, and then make sure you have selected "Overview" at the top.

From Overview scroll down and you will see an about section, and 5 new tabs that you can click through.

  1. The about section is where you can usually find a general description of the tournament. Some tournament organizers may also include additional information in this section.

  2. The details tab houses key information about the tournament. For an in depth look at this tab check out this article here:

  3. The rules tab is where you can usually find important tournament rules. This will often include further details about the format tournament and other general rules that all players are to follow when participating.

  4. The prizes tab usually is home to information about the prize pool and prizing breakdown.

  5. The schedule tab usually includes more detailed schedule information, and may include extra information such as any planned breaks.

  6. Lastly, the contact tab is home to information on how to contact the organizer. For more detailed information about how contact works please check out this article:

Please be aware that tournament organizers may fill in all of these sections except for Details freely. If you are unable to find the information you are looking for on the tab you expected to find it it would be best to check all tabs and contact the organizer directly with any questions about the tournament.

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