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How to contact a tournament organizer
How to contact a tournament organizer

Contact tab. Who to contact for support and questions.

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When participating in a tournament it is normal to have questions for the tournament organizer. Battlefy makes it easy to contact the organizer when these questions arise.

Please keep in mind that while Battlefy provides a platform for organizers to host their tournaments Battlefy does not run many of the tournaments found on the website. When seeking help with a specific tournament always follow the information found through the contact methods found on the tournament page.

From the tournament page, there are two ways to find contact information for the tournament organizer.

If the tournament organizer has linked a contact method then the contact button at the top right of the tournament page will give you the option to contact the organizer through that method.

For example, if the organizer has linked a discord server then the contact button will direct you to the discord server that has been linked. This button's function changes depending on what the organizer has linked, for example, if they have instead provided an email address this will be a "mailto" button to help you start writing an email.

Alternative to the contact button is the contact tab found on the lower right side of this page.

  1. The body of this section can be filled in with any relevant contact information and is not subject to any direct linking.

  2. At the bottom of this section if a contact method has been directly linked then the method and the link will both be displayed.

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