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Player Guide

Standard Entry, Check-in

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Hello there! Here are a few helpful things to note before starting this player guide.

  • Battlefy functions best when using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browsers.

  • Battlefy also works great on mobile devices! All platform functionality is available on both desktop and mobile browsers. We recommend Chrome for Android and Safari for iOS browsing.

  • After signing up for Battlefy, you will be prompted to change your time zone to match your region. Please ensure you follow the on-screen instructions as this will make it so all times displayed on Battlefy, including the tournament start time, are displayed in your local time zone.

Joining the Tournament

If you need a guide on the steps to joining the tournament, read our Guide to the Tournament Join flow.

On Game Day

If you're looking for what to do on Game Day before the tournament starts, then read our Game Day Check-in Instructions.

I've got an opponent! Now what?!

If you're looking for how to find your matches and report scores, then read our Game Day Match Page Guide.

If you have a problem with your match

  • If you have a problem with your match, select Report Match Issue on the Match Page to notify admins.

  • Communicate with admins via the match chat on the Match Page.

  • Admins will arrive shortly to resolve your issue, please wait in the match chat for them to arrive.

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