How to Rename a Team or Player

Rename team, rename player, change names

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Sometimes a player or team name on Battlefy will not match the in game player or team name. This happens frequently when players update their in game name but forget to change it on Battlefy.

As an Organizer you can update player names manually to correct any mistakes or adjust any inappropriate names.

First you will need to go to your tournament page, then click on "manage" and navigate to the "participants" page.

For a 1v1 tournament you will see all registrants listed on this page. There will be a small edit icon next to each player, clicking on this icon will allow you to edit their name. Remember to press save, otherwise the name will not be changed.

For a team based tournament you will see all teams listed on this page. The interface will allow you to do the following:

  1. Update the team name

  2. Update player names

When updating player names in a team based tournament you may update more than one at a time, and like before remember to press save so that the names are changed.

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