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Organizer - Activity Feed Page

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The final page in the tournament Manage section is the activity feed. This page provides information about actions taken on or to your tournament page. You can think of this page as a log of all important activity.

The key aspects of this page are they it tells the organizer who took an action, what the action was, and when it happened. The activity feed also displays the tournament start time relative to when you open the page, including how much time has passed since it has begun. You can also see the number of registered players and number of checked in players.

When looking at the activity feed you may also use various filters to find specific information that you are seeking. Clicking on the drop down menu will let you choose how to filter the activity feed.

You may also filter by date. Clicking on the time filters next to the drop down menu will give you a calendar to help you select a date range.

An important note for organizers is that while the Activity Feed page can provide valuable information it is always good to double check that information before taking actions, such as seeding a specific number of players based on check in.

For more information about setting up and managing your tournament click here.

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