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After your tournament has been created and published your tournament page manage section will give you the option to Embed Codes. These embeds can be copied and used to help promote your tournament.

  1. Embedding a Join Button will put a button on your page that directs players to register for your tournament as long as registration is open. When registration is closed the button will turn gray, state that the tournament has already started, and no longer direct players to join the tournament.

  2. Embedding a Players List will show a list of all participants currently registered to your tournament, and includes a search feature. When there are no players registered it will instead show "Currently there are no registered players" in this section.

An example of what these may look like can be found in the below images:

Once your bracket has been created you will also see options to embed your bracket or standings.

For more information about setting up and managing your tournament click here.

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