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Tournament setup page, rules, details, contact, schedule, prizes.

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When setting up a tournament, after you have finished your setup page basics you will then move on to the setup page info. This article will walk you through the features available on this page.

  1. First you will select the contact method that you want to provide to your participants. If you have selected custom for your contact method then you will skip step 2.

  2. Here you can enter the contact information based on the selection you made in in step 1. Note that the information provided here will automatically appear on the tournament page in the contact section. The contact button will also behave according to which method you have selected. This step must be completed if you have selected a contact method other than custom in step 1.

  3. You can enter additional contact details here to show up on the contact tab of the tournament page overview.

  4. Critical rules will appear on the rules tab of your tournament page overview. These rules will also appear above a check mark requiring participants to acknowledge that they have read these rules during the registration process.

  5. Rules will also appearon the rules tab of your tournament page, after your critical rules. These rules will appear after the check mark for critical rules and as such are not required to be acknowledged during registration.

  6. Information in the prizes section will appear on the prizes tab of the tournament page overview.

  7. Lastly, information in the schedule section will appear on the schedule tab of the tournament page overview.

Note that you can format any of these sections from 3 through 7. As a pro tip, HTML < > tends to work best.

After you have finished creating your tournament, returning to this page will also give you the option to add translations.

Selecting a language from the drop down will give you options to enter translations for that language on the tournament page overview sections as follows: About, Contact, Critical Rules, Rules, Prizes, and Schedule.

When a player changes language on their account they will see any translations you have provided in this section. If translations are not provided in the selected language then players will see the information you have entered into the default info page sections.

For more information about setting up and managing your tournament click here.

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