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Organizer - Tournament Setup Page Basics

Setup page - basics, tournament date, tournament time, and more.

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When creating a tournament the first page you see after selecting your game will be the setup page. By default you will start on the basics tab. This article will cover important information about this tab.

Let's first take a look at the top of this section:

  1. Here you should enter the name of your tournament, this is what will appear to players when viewing your tournament page.

  2. Next you can set the date of the tournament, simply click on this field and use the calendar tool that opens up.

  3. Finally, this field is to set the time of your tournament. This will be displayed in your local time. Note that when players view this they will view it in their timezone that is set to their account.

Next let's look at optional fields:

  1. If you are making multiple tournaments with the same settings and tournament page information you may wish to use the clone tool. This will copy an existing tournament of the same game in your organization to help speed up your tournament creation process. Note that this will save up to the last 10 tournaments you've created with that game.

  2. The about section is one of the main focal points of your tournament page, and will be visible while viewing details, rules, prizing, schedule, and contact information.

  3. In the about section you can use tools to format your text. Pro Tip: HTML < > tends to work best.

Lastly, you can upload a banner to your tournament. It is recommended to use files that fit the height and width shown in that section. Note that large file sizes may make your tournament page load slower.

Below is an example of your work on the basics section of the setup page:

  1. This is where your banner will appear. If you do not put your own banner into the tournament a default banner will display depending on the game you have selected for your tournament.

  2. Your about section is displayed here, and will remain visible across all of the tabs below.

  3. The time and date you have selected for your tournament will be displayed on the details tab, and display in the players local time as they view your tournament page if they have set their time zone correctly on their account. This can be done here:

For more information about setting up and managing your tournament click here.

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