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How to Add a Game to Battlefy
How to Add a Game to Battlefy

Cannot find your game on Battlefy? Try using other games or adding a new game to Battlefy.

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Are you trying to create a tournament but do not see your game available to select from? This article will help guide you on what to do next!
First and foremost when attempting to create a new tournament always make sure to type the game name in full when searching the catalog, as sometimes abbreviations are not covered on the website.

If you do not see your game listed then consider using Other Games to create your tournament.

In some cases support staff may decline the creation of a new game. We will add games to the website that are considered somewhat popular, or that will be used often. If you still think your game should be listed and want to add it to Battlefy then you can reach out to to start the process of adding a new game.

When adding a new game support staff may request some additional information about the game. These items may include the following:

  • Whether or not the game has regional restrictions (IE: Players in Europe can only play with other European players)

  • Whether or not the game has platform restrictions or allows for cross-play

  • The standard size of a team in that game

Optionally the staff may also request graphics associated with the game in the following forms:

  • 80x80 Icon

  • 250x250 Box Art

  • 1290x600 Banner

These assets are not required but can make your tournament pages look nicer when making tournaments for that game.

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