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Using Score Confirmation on Battlefy
Using Score Confirmation on Battlefy

Score confirmation on Battlefy Match Page

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Some tournaments may have score confirmation enabled on their brackets. When score confirmation is active this will give a player a chance to confirm the score that has been reported by their opponent is correct.

Once your opponent has reported the score a window will pop up that allows you to either confirm the score, or report the score as incorrect. There will also be a green countdown timer indicating how long you have to confirm the score. This time can be adjusted by the organizer, so confirmation times may vary.

If you select "That's Correct" then the score will confirm and whoever won the match will be awarded the win.

If you select "Report incorrect score" then a dispute will be raised automatically alerting tournament admins to assist.

If you have raised the dispute in error you may click on "Remove Dispute". In the case of score confirmation you will be notified that removing the dispute will automatically confirm the score advancing whoever won the match to the next round.

Once the score has been confirmed the Victory or Defeat screen will appear, and the match will be completed.

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