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Setting Up League of Legends Tournaments (Organizer)
Setting Up League of Legends Tournaments (Organizer)
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Hey Summoners, In this support article, we'll walk you through the process of creating a tournament for League of Legends. Whether you're a seasoned player or just starting out, this guide will provide you with all the information you need to set up your first League of Legends tournament.

*This article is only related to regions managed by Riot Games, you can find the list of the servers here. If you are using an Ex Garena server/region please use the game "Garena LOL" for your tournament.

*Before creating tournaments on Battlefy you will need to have a tournament organization first, more info can be found here.

Let's waste no time and start creating the tournament

  1. Sign in to your account > Click on Organize Tournament > Select your Organization > Click on New Tournament

Now search or select League Of Legends from the game selection page

Section 1: Basics (All fields of this section can be edited after creating the tournament):

  • Tournament Name: Here you can put your tournament name

  • Start Date & Time: The date and time of your tournament (This time is in your timezone, you can double check your timezone here (From the account settings page), also all of the players will see this time converted to their own timezones so you don't need to worry about that anymore)

  • Tournament Description (About): Here you can tell the players more about your tournaments.
    Also from this section, you can upload your tournament art/cover.

Section 2: Info (All fields of this section can be edited after creating the tournament):

In this section, you can add more details about your tournament, including Tournament Rules (In the rules tab), your contact info/tournament support (In the contact tab), tournament prizes (In the prizes tab), and tournament schedule (In the schedule tab)

This section will be displayed in a user-friendly way for your players so they can easily navigate between each of the sections like the screenshot below:

Section 3: Settings (Not all fields here are editable):

  • Game Region/Server: here you can pick the server in which you want to host the tournament. (Not editable after creating the tournament)

  • Game Map: here you will pick the map of the tournament(Not editable after creating the tournament)

  • Game Format/Type: here you will pick the in-game lobby format (Not editable after creating the tournament)

  • Tournament Format: here you can pick the tournament format, that's where you decide how you want the players to be competing in the tournaments (Not editable after creating the tournament)

  • Match Score Reporting: You will pick who can report the scores of the matches, for League of Legends we have full lobby automation, the system will create the in game-lobbies and fetch the scores automatically after the game.

  • Check-In: here you will decide the time of the check-in period, more info about the tournament check-in can be found here.

  • On the advanced fields, you can even adjust more settings for your tournament, like Showing country flags on the brackets, setting participants limit, or even allowing only players from certain regions to join the tournament.

  • After tweaking your advanced fields, you can customize your registration fields, more info about them can be found here

    Then, the system will ask you to create the brackets, but you don't need to do that now.
    More info about our Brackets system can be found here.
    Then you will be asked what publishing settings you want.

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