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Adding media to your tournament page

How to add streams and videos to your tournament page.

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Organizers may add media to their tournament pages in the form of streams, or videos. To do so first navigate to your tournament page, and then select manage.

From there select streams, and then add a new stream.

When adding a new stream you will set the platform, and then the channel name or link to the stream or video you would like to display.

Battlefy currently supports twitch and youtube.

Once you have selected your platform, and added the channel name or link you must click "save" to add the media to your tournament page.

After adding media to your page you may continue to add more streams or videos but selecting "+Add New Stream". Typically a red bar across the top of the screen will indicate that the media has been saved, however to be sure you may want to refresh the page or leave the page and then return to confirm that your media has been added successfully.

Please note that the order your media appears on this menu is the order that they will appear on the tournament page.

Once you have added media to your tournament page you will find that on the tournament banner there will be a new call to action to watch streams.

Clicking on "Watch Streams" will take you to the media page. Alternatively you can select "media" from the top of the page to navigate to your streams and videos.

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