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Finding Tournaments for You
Finding Tournaments for You

Searching for tournaments.

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Finding the right tournament can feel overwhelming, however, Battlefy offers tools that help you filter what you see so you can find the perfect fit.

First and foremost we would recommend logging in to the Battlefy website. While you may search for tournaments without logging in it will be easier to set and remember your preferences while using a Battlefy account.

Once you are on the home page and logged in to the website you will find a bar with tournament filters at the top of the page.

On a desktop browser, the bar will appear like this:

On mobile the bar is right below the top panel once you have logged in:

On mobile, this bar will be replaced with a call to action to select your game if you have not done so already.

On both desktop and mobile, you will be given the ability to select the game, regions, and relevant platforms. If there is only one available region or platform then those choices will not be available to select from. You may also select multiple platforms or regions.

These preferences will be remembered each time you log in to Battlefy, however, you may change them freely at any time.

Once you have made your selections you will see upcoming tournaments that fit your criteria appear. If you do not see any tournaments appear you may wish to try more platforms/regions or check back at a future date.

With tournaments on the screen, you will now see some new information.

First and foremost, if there are tournaments supported and/or operated by Battlefy they will appear featured in the banner at the top of the new view.

These can also be signified by the "Featured" flag on the tournament cards that appear.

These tournament cards show the region of the tournament, date, and start time including a countdown. The start time will be shown in your local time if you have set your timezone appropriately in your account settings. To do so click on your name/profile picture while logged in, then select "settings". Under the account section, look for the Timezone selector and set yours accordingly.

With your preferences selected, you still have some additional filters to control the tournaments that you see.

  1. Date allows you to select a date or range of dates that you wish to see tournaments in.

  2. The bracket drop-down allows you to hide ladder brackets if you do not wish to see tournaments running an active ladder bracket.

  3. The format button allows you to choose what format you would like to play in. These choices may vary depending on the game the tournament is running.

Please remember that while Battlefy does support and/or operate some tournaments many tournaments are organized independently by third-party organizers. For support or questions about any tournament, you should reach out to the tournament organizer directly through the contact method they have provided on the "contact" tab of the tournament page.

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