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I've already registered, checked-in and the Tournament is about to begin! Now what?

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What you should have done prior to the tournament start

  1. Check the Tournament Page for tournament-specific information, such as the generic details, Rules, Prizes, Detailed Schedule, and Contact. The organizers expect you to know these details before the tournament starts.

  2. Check your or your team's custom field information (if any) and your roster formation if you are participating as a team. Once the tournament starts, those will be locked and you will no longer be able to edit. Organizers expect your information and roster to be correct before the tournament starts and may not allow your participation if they aren't.

  3. Additionally, make sure that your browser is allowing Battlefy to send notifications. Notifications ensure you have an easier time with the tournament flow so you don't miss your matches.

What happens after the Tournament Check In

  1. After checking in to the tournament and waiting for the start time, the tournament organizers will then prepare and seed their Tournament Bracket, usually seeding all checked-in teams based on the Tournament Rules. This process usually only takes up to 5 minutes in most cases.

  2. Once the bracket is seeded, you will then receive a notification redirecting you to your match. Please make sure you are present and ready to go to your match.

  3. Check-in to your Match! Tournaments will usually have individual Match Check-ins that must be done by the participants to confirm they are ready to play. This is also done through Battlefy and not checking in may result in forfeiting your match. (The check-in Timer will change based on tournament rules)

  4. Once both you and your opponent check in to the match, you will then be able to proceed to your game following the instructions provided by the tournament organizer in the rules, or directly through instructions in the Match Page in some special scenarios, such as League of Legends and Valorant tournaments for example. If there's any issue with setting up your match, lick the "Report Match Issue" button to alert an admin and get assistance.

  5. Matches are often expected to be played immediately as your match affects the flow of the whole tournament. Make sure to be trying your best not to delay the tournament.

  6. Once your match is finalized, click the Report Score button on the Match Page and follow the instructions on the Match Page. If a score is reported incorrectly, click the "Report Match Issue" button to call for admin assistance.

  7. Reporting and confirming your score will then advance you in the bracket and the Match Check-In, Match Play, and Score Report processes are repeated until the bracket is concluded or you're out of the event.

And that's it!

Several different types of tournament formats will slightly deviate from this article but that's why we have separate detailed articles for those scenarios. That said, here are some reminders that apply to any tournaments:

  • Read all tournament information before it starts. Once you register for an event, you confirm that you have read and agreed to its rules.

  • Don't miss your Tournament and Match Check-Ins

  • Always keep an eye out for tournament announcements and progression so you don't miss your matches.

  • Avoid delays at all costs. They affect not only you and your opponent but everyone else in the tournament.

  • If you have any questions regarding the tournament rules and how matches are supposed to be played or have match issues during the event, always reach out to your organizer as soon as possible through their preferred contact method present in the Contact Tab of the Tournament Page. This also applies to receiving your prize from the tournament, make sure to check the Prizing section for information and contact the organizer if necessary.

  • Detailed guides on different tournament formats and Battlefy features can be found under the Player Assistance articles through this link:

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