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Valorant ASR (Assisted Score Reporting) - Player Guide
Valorant ASR (Assisted Score Reporting) - Player Guide

This article is designed to help players make use of the Valorant Assisted Score Reporting feature.

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Valorant Assisted Score Reporting (ASR) allows players to report their scores by selecting the game that they have played from a list of recent games in their match history. This article will teach you how to use this feature as a player.

The first thing you will need to do is make sure that your Battlefy account is connected to your Riot account. You will need to log in to Battlefy, then at the bottom left corner of the main screen click on your username and navigate to "settings".

From Settings select "Connections" at the top.

Then scroll down and connect your Riot Sign On.

A successful connection will look like the below example:

With a successfully connected Riot account, you are ready to use Assisted Score Reporting in a tournament that has enabled this feature. Please note that you may be prompted to connect your Riot account when joining a Valorant tournament if you have not already done so using the above method.

Once the tournament is underway and you finish your first match you will be prompted to report your score. As long as the organizer has enabled ASR, you will see a window pop up that will have a list of games from your recent match history to choose from as shown in the below example.

This will allow you to choose from recent games that you have played to automatically input the match scores. On the left-hand side, the player count displayed tells you how many players in that Valorant match are linked to Battlefy accounts in your tournament match. All players should be playing on their linked accounts, and in that case, the number should read 10/10. You will also see how long ago a match occurred in your match history and what the final score was to help narrow down the correct match when reporting a score on Battlefy.

When you think you've found the correct game you can click on it to expand the game and check the player names. Then you will need to click "Link to game" to complete the score reporting.

Once the Valorant match has been selected and the score has been reported you may scroll down in an individual match to see match stats for both teams as shown here:

Finally, there will also be a "Stats" page available on the tournament page. This page will display a wealth of information about the matches that took place throughout the tournament. Some examples are shown here:

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