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How to use Valorant ASR (Assisted Score Reporting) - Organizer Guide
How to use Valorant ASR (Assisted Score Reporting) - Organizer Guide

This article is designed to help tournament organizers make use of the Valorant Assisted Score Reporting feature.

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Valorant Assisted Score Reporting (ASR) allows players to report their scores by selecting the game that they have played from a list of recent games in their match history. This article is divided into two sections; the first section will explain how to enable this feature, and the second section will describe how to use it to its fullest as a tournament organizer.

As a tournament organizer, you will have the power to decide whether or not to use this feature in your tournaments. If you do wish to use ASR then follow the below instructions.

You must ensure that you have enabled ASR for each of your Valorant tournaments. In order to do this, you will go to "manage" while on the correct tournament page. Once you have navigated to the manage section by default you will land on the "setup" page in this section. Once you are on the setup page select "settings" at the top of the page. You will need to enable the following setting to turn on ASR:

With ASR now enabled on your tournament your participants will have a new score reporting flow, and you can expect to see some new information available on your tournament.

With successfully linked players and ASR enabled your participants will now see a screen like this pop up when they report a score:

This allows them to choose from recent games that they have played to automatically input the match scores. On the left-hand side, the player count displayed tells the user how many players in that Valorant match are linked to Battlefy accounts in their tournament match. All players should be playing on their linked accounts, and in that case, the number should read 10/10. Players will also see how long ago a match occurred in their match history and what the final score was to help narrow down the correct match when reporting a score on Battlefy.

Please note that while for your participants this completely replaces normal score reporting tournament staff can still report scores normally in case of an error.

With ASR enabled tournament staff will now see two options for score reporting:

'Report Score' will use the older score reporting system allowing staff to manually reset a match and input scores.
'Edit Valorant Score' will open up a menu identical to what the players see when they report scores. In order to do this the admins must first reset the match. Admins must have their Riot account linked to their Battlefy account when using ASR to report a score.

When reporting a Valorant Score you may click on the game you believe to be correct which will expand that game. You can check player names there and then once you are satisfied select "Link to game" to report the score.

Once the Valorant match has been selected and the score has been reported players, staff and viewers may scroll down in an individual match to see match stats for both teams as shown here:

Finally, there will also be a "Stats" page available on your tournament page. This page will display a wealth of information about the matches that took place throughout your tournament. Some examples are shown here:

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