How to create a Test Tournament?

The easiest way to learn and test the flow of your tournament before starting it.

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Hello Battlefyters o/

If you are here, then you are trying to create a dummy tournament, it is always better to test stuff here than to meet the system for the first time on a real tournament.

First, you will need to create a normal tournament.

(Make sure to set the tournament to private at the last step of the creation process)

After creating your Private tournament, go to the Tournament Page > Manage > Participants.

For Solo Tournaments:

For Teams Tournaments:

Then you can add dummy players to your teams from here(Optional):

*We recommend having at least 8 teams/players for your dummy tournament.

Now you can create your brackets and seed them. Feel free to play and try anything on that tournament, it can be deleted once you finish or you can keep it to try more stuff in the future.

Also, players won’t be able to see this tournament when they visit your organization’s page, only your staff members. You can share it with others by going to the Tournament Page > Manage > Share > Invite players.

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