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MLB The Show 22 Summer Circuit Player Guide

Player Guide for Summer Circuit Qualifiers and Finals

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This is a player guide to help you prepare for and participate in the MLB The Show 22 Summer Circuit Competitive Event. Please consult the official tournament page for the official rules.

In this section, you’ll be guided through the tournament experience, where we’ll show you everything you need to know to play your tournament matches on Battlefy.

If you are using your mobile device to access Battlefy, you will find the sections shown on the following pages under the “Open Player Guide” button at the bottom of the tournament page.

Navigate to the Tournament Page

All critical tournament information will be displayed on the tournament page, so make sure to stay on it for the duration of the tournament. You’ll communicate with your opponent and admins there and it’s also where you’ll report your scores. To go to the tournament page:

1. Go to (On mobile, tap the menu button on top left)

2. Select the Joined Tournaments option. Select ‘Go to Tournament’

Prepare for the Tournament

The first step is to review the Critical Rules that the organizer has for your event. You will need to check the box that states that you have read and agree to all the rules. This ensures that all players have the opportunity to understand what is expected of them during the event.

Next, enter your registration information. You’ll be asked to enter your In-Game Name. This is the name that is shown in-game when sending friend invites and on the score screen that you would take a picture of for proof. It’s important that this is accurate because your opponents will need this information in order to contact you to play your matches.

You may also see other fields that are requested by the organizer such as Discord name, Email address, Postal Codes, Real Name, etc. Please note that this information is only visible to the organizer owner and its admins when the word private is shown at the end of the input box.

Playing in the tournament


All MLB and Minor League Stadiums are allowed but created stadiums are not permitted.

The higher seeded Entrant will be the home team for the first game. If multiple games are played, Entrants will alternate Home/Away status.

Once registration has closed, the bracket will be seeded with the checked-in players and they will be assigned an opponent. As players progress through the tournament they will be assigned new opponents until either they are eliminated from the tournament or finish in 1st place!

Once Entrants are registered, they will be assigned an opponent. To compete against your opponent, Entrants must add the opponent’s PSN ID or Xbox Live Gamertag or Nintendo Account to their Friends List, then challenge the friend to a match in Diamond Dynasty “Play vs. Friends” mode.

The following configuration shall be the settings for each match. Entrants may report any opponent’s non-compliant settings to the Administrator prior to the match.

  • Cross play: ON (network setting

  • Add friends: ON (network setting)

  • Messaging: ON (network setting)

  • Mode: Diamond Dynasty

  • Hitting: Legend

  • Pitching: Legend

  • Guess Pitch: OFF

  • Quick Counts: OFF

  • Strike Zone: ON

  • Hot Zone: OFF

  • Balks: OFF

  • Umpire Accuracy: Perfect

  • Umpire close plays: OFF

  • Ejections: OFF

  • Injuries: OFF

  • Presentation mode: Fast Play

  • Created ballplayers are not permitted.

The following squad compositions are required for eligibility: (Supercharged, Community Parallel, and Inside Edge boosts count towards overall ratings):

Position Players

  • 3 x 95+ overall rating players (or below)

  • 3 x 85-94 overall rating players (or below)

  • The rest 84 or below overall rating

Starting Pitchers Limit

  • 2 x 95+ overall rating starters (or below)

  • 1 x 85-94 overall rating starter (or below)

  • The remaining 2, 84 or below overall rating

Bullpen Limit

  • 2 x 95+ overall rating bullpen pitchers (or below)

  • 3 x 85 - 94 overall rating bullpen pitchers (or below)

  • 3 x 84 or below overall rating bullpen pitchers

Tournament Format: Open Qualifiers

  • Open Qualifier Day One: Ladder format (top 64 go to the next day, including ties). A minimum number of six matches required. Best-of-one (three-innings).

  • Open Qualifier Day Two: The top 64 players plus ties from the Day 1 Ladder will be eligible to participate in the Day 2 Single Elimination bracket. All nine-inning games, best-of-one.

Tournament Format: Grand Finals

  • Grand Finals: Single elimination bracket format.

  • Day One: Single elimination bracket format. Round of 64 through Round of 16 (nine innings, best-of-one). Round of eight (nine innings, best-of-three series). Round of four begins Day Two.

  • Day Two: Single elimination bracket format. Round of four (nine innings, best-of-three series). Final (nine-inning games, best-of-five series).

Players must check in for every round.

Players may stream their gameplay in the tournament but must add a stream delay of at least one minute.

Win/Loss Reporting

Both Entrants must report the results of each match on the tournament page. Repeat this step for each game necessary. Entrants are advised to upload a screenshot of the final score with both Entrants’ IDs and keep all screenshots in case of a dispute.

If you have a problem with your match

  • If you have a problem with your match, select Report Match Issue on the Match Page to Communicate with admins via the match chat on the Match Page

  • Admins will arrive shortly to resolve your issue, please wait in the match chat for them to arrive

  • If score confirmation is required, there will be a timer displayed after the score is entered. The player entering the score will have to wait for the opponent to confirm or dispute the score. If the timer runs out, then the score will be accepted automatically. If the opponent disputes, then an issue will be raised automatically for an admin to come to assist.

  • The system will then move the winner onto the next match and you repeat this process again. If you have a problem anywhere during this time, such as your opponent hitting ready but then not responding to you, score being incorrectly reported, player stalling in the lobby, and other issues; you should press the "Report Match Issue" button. This will notify the admins that there is a problem in this match and they will come to the Match on that page.

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