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Tournament Info Translations

Organizer Instructions for Optional Translations of Tournament Info

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An organizer must enter a tournament's rules, prizing, schedule, contact, and about info themselves and the default language for Battlefy is English. In the past, this meant organizers that had other languages had to decide to either only provide this information in their local language, in English, or provide both English and their local language with one after the other as there was no way for the site to store every organizer's rules or prizing in those other languages. This was inconvenient both for organizers and for players. You can use this new translation section to allow players to use the site in their own language and you can decide which languages you want to support players in.


The Default Info Section (About, Contact, Rules, Prizes, Schedule) must always be filled with information. This information is what will be shown to any player who has their site set to English OR any player who has their site set to another language but you have not provided a separate translation.

With the OPTIONAL TRANSLATIONS section, you can select a language that Battlefy's site already supports and add your own translation of your default info in those languages. You do not need to provide translations for all languages to use this feature. You may add only the languages you wish to provide support for players.

Selecting a language will open a new set of Info Section Boxes

From here you can add your translated versions of the Default Info Sections into these boxes for each language you want to support. The information is saved automatically just like the default Info Section. If you wish to add another language, simply change the language selected in the drop-down box and that language's Info Section will be shown.

The boxes will also update to show you which sections have translations and in which languages. This is helpful to ensure that you haven't missed a translation for each section. If you are adding to the current language, this notification won't update until you change languages.


Player's will normally see your page in English (or whatever you entered in the default Info Sections.)

However, if a user set's their Battlefy language to one that you have provided a translation, they will see the translation you have provided for that section. You will see in the example below that the contact section matches the German translation that was provided however the About Section is still in English because there was no German translation provided.

Also remember, that if you do not provide a default info section but do provide a translation, that the user will not see the translation. You must always provide a default (preferably English) version for those players who have not selected a different language.

If you enter a translated version into the default section, then your players will see that translated version even when their site is set to English!

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