Playing in a Swiss Tournament

  • In a Swiss bracket, all players are randomly paired against each other for Round 1.

  • At the end of Round 1, players will all have a record of either 1-0 or 0-1.

  • For Round 2, players that completed Round 1 with a 1-0 record will be paired against each other, and players with a 0-1 win record will be paired against each other.

  • Round 2 cannot begin until all Round 1 matches have completed and the organizer creates the next round. Players should wait for their next opponent or speak with their organizer if the rounds are played over multiple days.

  • This process repeats until the end of all rounds and the final win groups are determined.

  • The Top players from the Swiss bracket may be seeded into an Elimination bracket depending on your organizer's format. In the event that there are ties in the Top players, the default Swiss tiebreaker is normally used.

Swiss Bracket Example

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