Game Day Instructions - Check-in
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The Tournament page is where you should be for the duration of the tournament

  1. Go to (On mobile, tap the menu button on top left).

  2. Select the Joined Tournaments option Select ‘Go to Tournament.'

Prepare for the Tournament

  • You must arrive on the tournament page and verify your registration fields are correct.

  • All critical tournament information will be displayed on the tournament page, so make sure to stay on it for the duration of the tournament.

Check-in to the Tournament

In most tournaments, you will be required to check-in during the hour prior to the event start time. This is to ensure that only players that are actually present for the event are entered into the competition and reduces the number of matches where players get paired with someone who is not actually there to play. If you arrive prior to the time allowed for check-in, you will see a timer with a greyed-out button letting you know when to come back and check-in to the tournament.

Once it is time to check in to the tournament, if you are already on the site, you will get a full-screen notification letting you know what your next step is and a link to the tournament in case you have navigated to another page or were browsing other events.

Clicking on the "Go to Tournament" button will take you back to the tournament page if you are not already there. You will now see that your profile section has turned red and indicates that there is a critical action for you to take. The Check-in button is now accessible along with a countdown timer showing how long you have left to check-in to the tournament.

After you check-in to the tournament, the Player Guide on the right will change to show that your player or team is checked-in and a timer to the start time of the event will remain. At this time you can still edit your Registration fields, if necessary, until the start time of the event.

The only thing you need to do now is to wait for the event to begin. There is usually a short period of time while the organizer creates the event brackets and assigns opponents. This can take as little as a few seconds or potentially 5 to 30 minutes depending on the number of teams and the amount of seeding that needs to occur. You should stay in touch with the organizer via the contact information they provided on the Contact tab of the Overview page.

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