Standard Tournament Join Flow

Once you’ve found which tournament you would like to join, here are the steps to take to register yourself for the event.

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In the majority of tournaments, you will simply need to select the Join button in the Player Guide on the right (click the Join button on Mobile) to begin your tournament registration.

The first step will be to review the Critical Rules that the organizer has for your event. You will need to check the box that states that you have read and agree to all the rules. This ensures that all players have the opportunity to understand what is expected of them during the event.

The next step will be to enter your registration information. In all games, you’ll be asked to enter your In-Game Name. This is the name that is shown in-game when sending friend invites or on the score screen that you would take a picture of for proof. It’s important that this is accurate because your opponents will see this information in order to contact you to play your matches.

You may also see other fields that are requested by the organizer such as Discord name, Email address, Postal Codes, Real Name, etc. Please note that this information is only visible to the organizer owner and its admins when the word private is shown at the end of the input box as seen below. If it does not say Private on that field, then the information is visible to your opponents as well as the organizer’s admins and moderators. Battlefy does not control what information an organizer may collect and does not control what an organizer may do with the information you provide them here. If you do not feel comfortable filling in a specific field, then you should reach out to the organizer to find out why they need that information or what you can enter in place of the real info so that they do not remove you from the event. If you find an organizer that is collecting personal info in a field that is not private and/or dangerous to collect (such as Social Security Numbers, Phone Numbers, Street Addresses) please contact us immediately at

That’s it! You are now registered for the event. If it has a check-in, then you will see in the Player Guide when the check-in starts. The Check-in button will turn red when it’s time to check-in. Organizers usually have 30 to 60 minutes before the event to have players check-in so that they know who has actually shown up for the event. In this case, only players who check-in will be able to play in the event so it is extremely important that you show up to do this step before the tournament start time which is also shown as a timer on the Player Guide.

If there were additional registration fields to enter and you need to update that information, then you can select the Edit Registration Fields button to update that information until the start time of the tournament. Once the event has begun, you will not be able to change that information. If you need to update your In-Game Name, then you will need to Unjoin from the tournament and re-register to the event or reach out to the organizer directly to see if they will update it for you.

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