How to Update Custom Registration Fields

Editing Country Flags and Registration Fields

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How to Edit your Tournament after Publishing it

We’ve made some changes to how tournament publishing works, which we hope will result in a stronger experience for players. The change is pretty simple - once you publish your tournament, you’ll be prevented from changing certain settings on your tournament that affect how people join. Specifically, you won’t be able to enable or disable Country Flags on Bracket, or edit the Player Registration Fields. 

We’ve made these changes because once you publish your tournament, players will be able to start joining.  If you add Player Registration Fields after publishing your tournament, players who have already registered will be missing that information.

If you need to change these fields after publishing your tournament (for example, you decide you don’t need a player’s Discord names as a registration field,) you will first need to unpublish your tournament. You can do this by clicking on the manage button on your tournament, then going to publish section and setting your tournament to draft and private and now you can make the changes to your tournament.

Once you’ve made the necessary changes, set your tournament to published and public so registration reopens and participants can start joining your tournament again. Just keep in mind how this will affect players - if you do need to make changes to the ruleset, you might want to communicate these changes to your participants with an announcement or by emailing participants that have registered for your tournament. 

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