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Conquest Format for Hearthstone Tournaments
Conquest Format for Hearthstone Tournaments

Details on using Conquest Format for Hearthstone Tournaments on Battlefy

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Conquest is a match format used in Hearthstone tournaments. It was the match format used for the Hearthstone World Championships prior to the 2019 Hearthstone Masters Series, when it was replaced with the Specialist format. Click here for Specialist Format information

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The Conquest format is well-established competitive format debuting with the 2015 Hearthstone World Championship. Players bring up to nine 30 card decks to each tournament, with the exact number of decks to bring being at the discretion of tournament organizers. All decks must be from different classes - for example, having two Mage decks in your lineup is not allowed.

To play a round of Conquest, each player selects one of their decks to use for the first game. Any deck that wins a game cannot be selected for the remainder of the round, meaning the winning player must move on to a different deck. The losing player may switch decks, but is not required that they do so. The winner of the round is the first player to win using each of their decks.

Depending on tournament rules, an optional ban phase may be given to players at the start of a round, giving each player the opportunity to ban one of their opponents decks. This prevents their opponent from selecting it for the remained of the round. As a result, it is not necessary for a player to win with their banned deck to win the round.

To submit your deckstrings you can read our guide, "Submitting your Hearthstone decklist on Battlefy"

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