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Let no shows resolve themselves with match check in

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Even though the tournament check-in eliminates a majority of the no-show problems that plague events, as an organizer you’ll still run into situations where a team doesn’t show up. The worst part is that the “Help! My opponent didn’t show up!” messages all start coming in at the same time so you need to deal with each case in a rush. Or let’s say an hour into the round there’s no word from a team and you can’t tell if they’re playing a really long set or just never showed up.

When you enable match check ins on a bracket, players will be given a notification that their match is ready and they need to go to the match to check in. Once on the match page, any player on the team can check-in to the match. You can set a timer to the check in so that if the opposing player or team does not check in within the allotted time, they will be automatically dropped from the tournament. No scores can be reported by the players until both teams have checked in!

We’ll make sure a player can’t miss it by showing the match check in on the sidebar, the match page and a critical actions notification on their profile button.

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