Use join codes for tournament invites

Control exactly who joins your tournament.

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There are scenarios when an organizer want full control of which players can join their tournament. Battlefy’s Join Code feature is the perfect solution. The tournament organizer provides players with single-use unique codes generated by Battlefy. The players then use these codes to enter the tournament. More details below…

How to use Join Codes as an Organizer

First, the organizer must go to the Publish section of the tournament management options and enable the “Use Join Codes” feature. There, they can input the number of join codes they’d like Battlefy to create for them. For example, if the tournament was for 16 individual players, the organizer would need to input 16 for the number of Join Codes to be generated.

After generating the Join Codes, the organizer distributes the codes to the players who are permitted join the tournament. Whether it’s posting in a Discord channel or contacting players individually, it’s as simple as copying which code(s) the organizer wants to distribute and pasting them in the appropriate channel so the players can use them. There’s also an option to download a CSV file of all the codes generated.

Once players have their Join Code, they need to submit their unique code on the tournament page, after which they’ll be able to join the tournament.

If an organizer wants to see which codes have been used, they can return to the Publish section of the tournament and check the list of Join Codes…

That’s it! If you have any questions about Join Codes, email us. Or, check out our YouTube video on the feature here.

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