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Submitting your Hearthstone decklist on Battlefy
Submitting your Hearthstone decklist on Battlefy

How to submit your hearthstone decklist on Battlefy

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The next time you join a Hearthstone tournament on Battlefy to test your mettle, you’ll be asked to submit your decklists. Now, don’t panic! We’ve created a handy video guide to help you prepare for your next tournament. Included below the video are screenshots and additional information. Let’s get to it!

Submitting your decks on Battlefy

When you sign up for a tournament, you’ll see an additional step in the registration process to submit your deck.

Here, you’ll be asked to copy deckstrings from each of the decks you want to play within the tournament.


Where do you get these deckstrings? Follow along!

First, launch Hearthstone and find your deck. You’ll find a Copy button, as shown in the screenshot below.

Click the Copy button (the one outlined in red).

Second, with the deckstring in the clipboard, go to Battlefy and paste your deck into the text field. Battlefy will then convert your deckstring into the list of cards in your deck.

Once you’ve copied over the required number of decks, you can click the Join Tournament button to finish.

Want to edit your decks?

Did you forget Corridor Creeper is now only 2 attack? Need to replace it? No problem, you can still edit your decklist before the tournament starts!

Hit the “Edit Decks” button on the right hand Player Guide on your tournament and you’ll be popped back into the familiar screen.

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