Changing Team Captain

So it's time to pass the baton.. This guide cover's all the details surrounding passing the captaincy of a Battlefy team to someone new.

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We keep it simple when it comes to passing the captaincy from one player to another. 

All the captain needs to do is send over a quick ticket or email to our support team (, providing us with the following; 

  1. Link To Team

  2. Battlefy Username for the new Captain! 

Once we receive this, our trusty support team will verify the request is from the legitimate captain before then processing the change as soon as possible. 

This change will not affect any tournaments that have already been joined.  The current tournament roster captain would have to unjoin the team from the tournament and then let the new captain join the team to the tournament in order for the tournament roster captain to be changed.

Note: we are unable to facilitate any team ‘takeovers’, i.e, forcefully assisting in the captaincy change without the original captains consent. 

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