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A quick How To on changing your Battlefy password.

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Oops, you’ve gone and forgot your password. Don’t worry - it happens to the best of us!

You don’t actually need to wait for a member of our support team to appear in order to regain access, simply head on over to the Forgot Password page on Battlefy, found either via that link or on the login page. 

From here, just tap in the email address you signed up with and voila, you’ll get a quick message from us detailing the next steps. 

If you do not receive an email (and you're sure you checked your spam folder) then check to see if you registered with one of the social options.  If you created your account using Facebook,, Google or other social logins, then there is no password to reset as you must use that button to login.

If you still cannot login, you can email from the email that you believe to be on your account and we can help find out the steps you need to take.

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