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How do I embed the tournament on my own website?
How do I embed the tournament on my own website?

Make it easy for players to join your tournament directly from your website

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If you have your own website that you'd like to keep your players on as much as possible, we help make that possible! You can find embed codes on the Manage screen under the "Embed Codes" section. We allow you to embed the following aspects of your tournament:

  • Join Button

  • Participants List

  • Brackets


By embedding Battlefy's Join Button on your page, players can go directly to your tournament page and register for your tournament in a new window.  When they close the Battlefy window, they will still be on your site.  If players stay logged in to Battlefy then when they visit your site, the button will update appropriately.

Participants List

Make sure your players can view a list of the competition without having to go elsewhere.


By embedding the brackets on your site, your players have full access to all the powerful features on Battlefy including distributed score reporting and stats while still interacting with your site for the full duration of the tournament.

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