When you are seeding your bracket you can select these filters.

  1. Seed by Checked In Only

  2. Not Previously Seeded

  3. Seed All

Seeding by Checked In Only
When you filter by Checked In Only then only the teams and or players that checked in before the registration of your tournament has closed will be seeded into the bracket.

Here's a quick YouTube Tutorial on Tournament Check In https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iVHkdu7EBkU

Not previously seeded

When you filter by Not previously seeded, you will not see any participants that have already been seeded into a bracket in the tournament. By using this filter, you can create multiple brackets and manually seed certain teams and or players into each bracket and or bracket groups by filtering out the already seeded participants in each additional group you create.  This option only shows if you have more than one bracket.

Seeding by All
When you seed by all that means that everyone who entered your tournament will be seeded into the bracket when you select this filter.

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