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How do I seed players or teams into specific places?
How do I seed players or teams into specific places?

Manually seed players and teams into specific brackets

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As tournament organizers, you sometimes want to put certain teams or players in certain spots on the bracket. Some reasons to do this could be:

  • You may want to prevent two strong teams or players from playing each other and knocking one out

  • You may want to separate your teams or players by geographic regions, so they play matches in closer timezones.

Read this article on manual seeding 

Here is how to do it for each of our bracket types. 

Elimination brackets

Each spot in an elimination bracket match has a seed number associated with it. These seed numbers determine where a team or player is placed on the bracket.

The algorithms that generate Elimination brackets always place the highest seeded participants against the lowest seeded participants. This allows matches to stay competitive as the bracket progresses. 

Note: If you do not have a number of players equal to a "perfect bracket" (a power of 2 such as 8, 16, 32, 64, etc) then the top players will get a BYE match and be moved to the next round.  For example if you have 30 players then seeds 1 and 2 will not have a Round 1 match and Seed 3 will be placed against Seed 30.

On Battlefy, we allow you to easily specify the seed number manually by entering them into the seed number column on the seeding page.;

Swiss brackets

The Swiss bracket is very similar to the Elimination brackets. However, you can only specify the matchups in a Swiss bracket for the first round, as subsequent rounds are generated based on the standings.

To manually seed the first round of the Swiss brackets, follow the same procedures as the Elimination brackets above.

Round Robin brackets

The Round Robin bracket pairs every participant with other participants once. The number of matches can grow quite rapidly for even small number of teams or players.

However, Battlefy offers a groups feature for Round Robin, so that you can split the participants into groups and keep the number of matches more maintainable

To seed teams or players onto Round Robin groups manually, all you have to do is type the letter of the group in the "Group" column in the Team List.

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