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What can my staff do for my organization?
What can my staff do for my organization?

Use your staff to help you run and manage your tournaments

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There are four roles someone can have in your organization.

Bracket Manager

This is a role that can be handed out to those you might be trialing out as staff. Bracket managers can solve disputes or handle score reporting. They can only touch the brackets. Anything that doesn't have to do with the bracket cannot be touched.


A moderator has all the rights of a bracket manager and more. They may edit any details on a tournament, however they cannot delete them or make any changes to the organization's brand. Moderators may add bracket managers to help them with the bracket. This should be the role you assign to the bulk of your staff members.


Admins have all the power in an organization. They can brand your organization and set moderators as well as bracket managers. This should be the role of your trusted senior staff members.


An owner shares the same permissions as an administrator but can also add admins and delete the organization. Ownership of an organization is assigned to the creator of the organization.

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